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Asia Steel Forum 2018
(The Future and Environment of Humanity and Steel)
12. Nov. 2018 ~ 14. Nov. 2018

The uncertainty in the global economy is growing again. The trade issue, which is begun with steel and aluminum AD from the U.S., seems to be expanded into global protectionism. And now it is spreading to the U.S.-China trade war, also leading to currency instability in emerging economies.

In addition, the strengthening of environmental regulations and the emergence of the 4th industry are shaking the basic structure of the steel industry. So, how long will this uncertain circumstance last? And how will this circumstance affect our steel industry? Moreover, how can we deal with the uncertainty, and how can Asian countries cooperate for Steel industry?

You can find answers of these questions in the 8th ASF which is going to be held on 12th to 14th of November at Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel. ASF is a conference hold by Asian major steel media and companies. We pursue practical business meetings as well as discussions about current issues. We hope you will come and join us in the 8th ASF.

Korea Steel&Steel Seo JeongHeon / China MYSteel Zhu Jun Hong / Japan Tekko Shimbun Masanori Ichiyanagi / Taiwan Steelnet William Chen


• Event : Asia Steel Forum 2018
• Hosted by : Steel&Steel (Korea), Mysteel (China), Tekko Shimbun (Japan), Steelnet (Taiwan)
• Topic : The Future and Environment of Humanity and Steel
• Event Date : 12. Nov. 2018 ~ 14. Nov. 2018
• Location : Sheraton Seoul Palace Gangnam Hotel (in Seoul Korea)
• Registration fee : $1,000 / Plant Tour fee : $200
• Composition : Opening Ceremony, Session, Welcome Reception, BIZ Networking Dinner, Technicial Tour
• Language : Korean, Chinese, Japaese, English

November 12, 2018 : Steel Industry Prospect in 2019
09:00~10:00 Registration  
10:00~10:30 How to deal with upcoming crisis? Son jungsoo / Steeldaily Managing Director
10:30~11:00 Analysis and Prospect of chinese steel market Xia Xiao Kun / Mysteel Vice president
11:00~11:30 Current Status and Future Outlook of the Japanese Steel Industry Jun Takada / Japan Metaldaily General Manager
11:30~12:00 2019 Taiwan Steel Market and Key issues & Outlook Huang, Chin-Chuan / Taiwan Agriculture Structure Association Executive director
12:00~13:30 Lunch  
13:30~14:00 China Steel Industry Status in 2018 Hou Ying / China Iron and Steel Association(CISA) Representative of International Steel Trade Negotiations
14:00~14:30 Trade protectionism and counter-strategy for Asian steel industry Lee EunYoung / Equity Analyst Head of Korea Research DBS Bank
14:30~15:00 Current Status of Korea-Japan Economic Relations and Trade Conflict with United States Suenaga Satoshi / Vice-President of JETRO SEOUL
15:00~15:30 Changes in strenghtening environment regulation on Steel industry An YoonKi / POSCO Managing Director
15:30~16:00 Coffee Break  
16:00~16:10 Opening Ceremony  
16:10~16:40 Highlight Speech Kim GwangSoo / POSCO Executive Vice President
16:40~17:00 Congretulation Speech Eoh KiyKu / Congressman (Korea)
17:00~17:10 Opening Speech Seo JungHyun / Steel&Steel CEO
17:10~18:00 Coffee Break  
18:00~19:30 Welcome Reception & Business meeting  
November 13, 2018 : Steel and Demand industries, Raw materials
09:00~09:30 Mobility trends and material changes Park Hyungkeun / POSCO Research Institute Industry Research Center MBA
09:30~10:00 Chinese Automobile industry's production and marketing Trends Chen Shihua / Assiatant Secretary General in China Association of Automobile Manufactures(CAAM)
10:00~10:30 TTK's Product & Industrial construction Methods Aiyama Tetsuro / Representative of TTK KOREA
10:30~11:00 Coffee Break  
11:00~11:30 TSINGSHAN indonesia stainless steel and carbon steel planning Philco Zhang / Tsingshan
11:30~12:00 Current status and Prospect of Seismic-resistant steel for construction Hwang SeungYeon / HyundaiSteel Researcher
12:00~13:30 Lunch  
13:30~14:00 Taiwan Stainless Steel Market Trends and Outlook for 2019 LIN,WEI-KAI / Taiwan MIRDC Industrial Analyst
14:00~14:30 Indian Steel Market Issues and 2019 Forecast DHRUV GOEL / India SteelMint CEO
14:30~15:00 Current Status and Prospect of the Indonesian Steel Industry in 2019 Jati Santiono / President Director of KHI Pipe Industries (Krakatau Steel Group)
November 14, 2018 : Visiting Dangjin
07:30~09:30 Bus to Hyundai KIA Motors
09:30~10:40 Hyundai KIA Motors Promotion Video & Introduction / Press plant, Car body plant, Assembly plant
10:50~12:30 Bus to Hyundai Steel
12:40~13:20 Lunch At Hyundai Steel Reception hall
13:30~15:30 Hyundai Steel Welcoming & Introduction / Pier, Raw material, BAF, HRC Plates mill, etc.
15:30~15:50 Bus to Husteel
15:50~17:00 Husteel Introduction / Pipe product line
17:00~18:30 Move to Seoul Arrrive [takes 1 and half hours]
Above the schedule is subject to change little by situations of the tour day.
Eoh KiyKu / Congressman
Austria Universitat Wien (Master of Arts in Economics,PhD in Economics)
20th National Assemblyman
Kim GwangSoo / Executive Vice President
Kyungpook National University graduation, MIT
1987.03 Kwangyang Production Technology Dept.
2007 Sales and Production Planning Group Leader
2016 Global Marketing Coordination Dept.
2018. 01 ~ Steel Business Strategy Dept of POSCO(Executive Vice President)
Steven K. Seo

Keimyung University (Master of Arts in Economics,PhD in Economics) Career : Researcher at Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST), Researcher at POSCO Research Institute (POSRI)
Present of Steel&Steel
Hou Ying / Representative of International Steel Trade Negotiations
1999~Present Specialized in trade negotiations and consultations
2009~Present A Head of international trading analyst in China Metallurgical Newspaper
Lots of experiences in negotiation of trade dispute resolution
China Iron and Steel Association(CISA) Representative of International Steel Trade Negotiations
Dhruv Goel / CEO
Completed his Post Graduation from XLRI on Entrepreneurship Management
Started his carrier with iron ore trade and gradually started SteelMint in 2010. Today SteelMint is one of the preferred source for information, data and analysis in South Asia serving over 6,000 clients.

CEO of SteelMint(India)
Chen Shihua / Assiatant Secretary General
Spokesperson & Researcher at CAAM. Research Area: Economy, Industrial policy of Automobile industry.
Assiatant Secretary General in China Association of Automobile Manufactures(CAAM)
Jati Santiono / President Director
2000, Master of Commerce and Management in Marketing, LINCOLN UNIVERSITY , NEW ZEALAND
Engineering Graduate in Metallurgy, UNIVERSITY OF INDONESIA
Krakatau Posco : Technology and Business Development
Krakatau Steel : 1992~2015 SVP Government & Institutional Relation
President Director of KHI Pipe Industries (Krakatau Steel Group)
An YoonKi / Managing Director
MA in Economics, Korea University
Associate Environmental Auditor, EARA
Erasmus University, Strategic Sustainability Management
Managing Director of POSCO
Huang, Chin-Chuan / Executive director
Doctor of Engineering,National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Director of Technology, Metal Industries Research & Development Centre Professor, National Kaoshuang University of Science & Technology
Technical committee, Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association
Executive director, Taiwan Agriculture Structure Association
Park Hyungkeun / MBA
Engineering, Hanyang University
MBA, KAIST Business School
Economic Analyst, Investment Control/Economic Analysis Team Renault Samsung Motors
Fuel Cell Engineer, Fuel Cell Vehicle Team, Hyundai Motor Company
Principal Researcher of POSCO Research Institute
Lee EunYoung / Analyst
Yonsei University Master of Economics.
Daewoo Research Institute
POSCO Research Institute
LG Investment & Securities, Seoul
Mirae Asset Securities Singapore
DBS Bank, Group Research, Singapore. Commodity sector leader
LIN,WEI-KAI / Analyst
Texas A&M University MBA
Former Economic Research Specialist at Chang Hwa Bank
Over 15 years of research experience in steel industry, mainly focus on steel/stainless steel
Taiwan MIRDC Industrial Analyst
Xia Xiao Kun / Vice president
Shanghai Jiaotong University (Master of Arts in Business Administration)
Specialized in researching of Steel industry
Had a profound understanding of all aspects of the industry and a wide range of information channels and resources.
Vice president of Mysteel
Son jungsoo / Managing Director
Soongsil University(Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy),
24-year experience as a reporter specialized in the steel industry.

Managing Director(Editor) of Steeldaily
Jun Takada / General Manager
1989 joined Japan Metaldaily
2010~Present General Manager of Steel Departmen
General Manager of Japan Metaldaily

Tetsuro Aiyama / Director
Joined TOKYO TEKKO Co.,Ltd.
Worked at Engineering Division
Worked at R&D Division
Transferred to TTK KOREA (as Director
Satoshi Suenaga / Vice president
1984 Enter the METI
2000 Director, Japan External Trade Organization Bangkok (to proceed)
2015 Deputy Director, Iron and Steel Division
2017 joined JETRO Seoul as a Director General
2018 joined Minister's Secretariat, METI

Vice president of Research Department in JETRO SEOUL
Hwang SeungYeon / Researcher
Kyung Hee University (Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Engineering)
Kyung Hee Graduate School of Engineering (Master of Arts in Architectural Engineering)
Hyundai Steel New Demand develpment Team Researcher
Philco Zhang / Deputy General Manager
MBA degree at Zhejiang University of Technology in 2012
Joined Tsingshan in 2012
Deputy General Manager of Eternal Tsingshan international.
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